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Electric Lead, Acoustic and 12 String Guitar, and Mandolin
Rock and Roll, Light Rock,Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening, and Country
Hit Singles - "Money" and "I Can't Stop Loving You" on Kim Records with The Fabulous Counts. **** Hit Singles - "Count on Me" and "I'd Do It For You" on Paris Tower Records (a subsidiary of Mo-Town Records) with the Justis Brothers. **** Hit Singles - "I Need Love" and "It's Gotta Be Real" on Epic Records with the Travis-Justis Group. **** Featured on the original JESUS CHRIST SUPER STAR album. **** Lead Guitarist for JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR on Broadway and in the National Tour. **** Studio Musician in New York City and Los Angeles, CA. and heard in commercials and movies. **** Club Performer throughout the U.S.

 Writers- Andrew Loyd Webber and Tim Rice

Jack's Les Paul used in

Jesus Christ Superstar


(Teri would consider selling to THE RIGHT BIDDER, someone

who knows the true value!)

Jack playing his

Les Paul on stage

Jack appearing with Jesus' character on stage.

Jesus Christ Superstar Producer -Robert Stigwood

Platinum Album awarded to Jack Justis for his lead guitar in Jesus Christ Superstar. 1971 - 1973

Jack Justis on Broadway

Fans Four - 1965

The Fabulous Counts - 1961 to 1965

The Travis Justis Group - 1968 to 1975

The Justis Brothers - 1965 to 1968

Jack Justis and Mark Penque

          Justis & Freedum

On a personal note
Jack was my partner, best friend, and husband for 23 years. He was intelligent, witty at times, incredibly charming when he chose to be. He was my teacher, sometimes my boss, most of the time my child. He could be like a 3 year old with a new toy - exuberant, pouty and a little too rough, not knowing his own strength. Or he could be as gentle and loving as a sleepy puppy or a kind, caring giant. If he hadn't been a musician he would have been a history teacher. On top of knowing music through and through, he knew history and geography like a professor. He could mingle with the rich and famous with as much ease as with the mechanic at the gas station. In front of the tv watching hockey he swore like a sailor, but in public he was as refined as the nuns that taught him in grade school. He wasn't the best man in the world, but he was far from the worst. I loved him with all my heart. I know he's in a good place and stops by to check on me once in awhile. Our purpose here in life is to learn, for our spirits to grow. I hope being with me was a good thing for him. I know being with him was a good thing for me. He just graduated early and I'm sure is on to the next lesson. I'll catch up later. 

Love and Hugs, Teri

from renowned director/producer Joe Sarno. Besides being a lovely young man, Jack Justis was a musical genius. He wrote stirring harmonies for several of my little films before going on to greater triumphs. It was a beautiful tribute to my work to have Jack's magnificent sounds on the music track. God bless you Jack. – Joe Sarno

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